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Since its inception, Al Masaood Energy backed on commitment to excellence, built-up experience and continuous improvement in new technology which resulted in making of TRS its core operating service line since 1984.

Throughout the years, the industry challenges have pushed towards showing fast-paced advancement in competitive tubular handling technologies. The increase in the use of premium grade connections and costly tubulars have resulted in demand for continuously sophisticated handling and running techniques.

At Al Masaood Energy, the commitment is to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. Our full range of uniquely integrated services are available for operating companies looking for the most fitted solution to their challenges. We perform using the latest running techniques and procedures available in the industry for maximum client satisfaction.

Our Casing Running Tools provide the benefits of the top drive to casing running.


Alternatively, we offer CRA tubulars handling using conventional technology.



We use Casing Running Tools (CRT) that provide the benefits of the top drive to casing running. A compact, lightweight and advanced mechanical tool that allows to rotate, circulate, and reciprocate the casing instantly during cementing to get over troublesome in the most challenging hole conditions. Safety is increased since manual handling is eliminated and the number of personnel on the floor is significantly reduced. Our rig-in and rig-out steps are consequently simplified, faster and more efficient.

Alternatively, our TRS specialists are able to supervise and use an advanced conventional Torque Turn Monitoring System to run

carbon steel, fiberglass and CRA Tubulars, combined with an advanced computerized Torque Turn Analysis System that minimizes connection make up defaults. We offer CRA Tubulars handling using an accessory that converts a power tong into a tong capable of running CRA Tubulars using non-marking aluminum.

Our safe and dependable solutions will add a higher support value to your drilling process by saving you enough cost and time to create the difference.

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