• Completion Sub-Assembly

Al Masaood Energy Completion Sub-Assembly Services began in 1985 in order to assist the oil operating companies to minimize rig time while running well completion tools. Our workshop facility is manned with advanced equipment to perform and achieve bucking services as per client’s requirements.

Our bucking units have adjustable hydraulic clamps that can clamp joints with outside diameter from 2 3/8" to 20".




Our Sub-Assembly business unit is divided into three main functions:

  • Assembly Cleaning and Inspection
  • Make-up and Break out using Computer Monitored Bucking Unit
  • Completion Hydro-Pressure Testing

Cleaning is provided with a high-pressure gun and drying air to ensure efficient cleaning to the completion tools. The bucking system is used to make up completions and casing assemblies efficiently and with high quality. Our bucking units have adjustable hydraulic clamps that can clamp joints with outside diameter from 2 3/8” to 20”. Furthermore, provided dies are compatible with any pipe grade from normal carbon-steel to high chromium connection.

Our bucking units are connected with advanced joint analyzed make up technology that has proved to be the most reliable make up system to achieve an efficient transfer of the make-up process 

into a computerized graph to provide a clear readable graph describing the torque applied on the connection.

High pressure testing is made safe to the extreme by pressure testing being carried out inside a 60’ feet long testing bunker. All the assemblies are pressure tested through 10Kpsi hydro-test pump and monitored by advanced pressure recording computer.

Run in hole smart tools and completions accessories is an additional scope of service that we provide. Our highly experienced completion engineers are capable of running any type of completion such as single, dual, multi-lateral, and gas.

Through the help of Al Masaood’s advanced completion-running procedures, we have achieved record running times of all types of completions and have gained the total satisfaction of oil operating companies.

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