• Al Masaood Energy participates at ADNOC Onshore SPE Sustainability Forum 2023


Al Masaood Oil Industry Supplies & Services Co., formerly known as MOISS, unveils a turnaround corporate identity renewal.


2016 marks a new phase in the history of Al Masaood Oil & Gas. The Abu Dhabi based leading oilfield contractor announces a complete redefinition of its branding architecture, including new trademark, logotype, website and marketing collateral.


"Visual identity plays a core distinguishing element in terms of brand equity as packages tend to be conventional and conformist in the oil and gas industry. As a firmly rooted local company, Al Masaood Oil & Gas uncovers a facelift by introducing a world-class corporate identity combining the right dosage between tradition and modernity",states M. Ayoun, Marketing & Client Relations Manager.


“The concept of this logo proposal was to create an abstract flame from the letter M. The flame logo is a well thought logo based on traditional design rules without losing the modernity and freshness of today”, explains D. Bafis, Creative Director at Impact M&O, who has worked on the renewed logotype design.


With an enhanced growth strategy focused on global market penetration, the firm’s new trademark reflects a new brand positioning as back to basics: a consolidated family business name notoriety in the home market combined with an prominent position in the industry for over four decades.